New York!

Cynthia Nixon

Candidate for Governor

Cynthia grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in Yorkville, where she was raised by her single mother in a one bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up apartment. She is a proud graduate of New York public schools and an even prouder public school parent. Her three children, Sam, Charlie and Max, are all New York City public school students or graduates.

For the last 17 years, Cynthia has been fighting for better schools and more equitable education funding all across the state, including as a spokesperson and organizer for the Alliance for Quality Education, which helped to reverse hundreds of million in education budget cuts. Cynthia has traveled the state, met with legislators, and spoken out in Albany on numerous occasions to demand that public schools in every district get the resources they need, regardless of income level. A lifelong Democrat, Cynthia is a well-known, outspoken advocate for LGBT equality. In 2010, Cynthia helped create Fight Back New York, an effort to remove state Senators opposed to same-sex marriage. The campaign ultimately raised $800,000 and helped elect three new Senators in support of marriage equality. Cynthia worked with the Empire State Pride Agenda to fight for marriage equality in New York state, and traveled around the country to support similar efforts in Maryland, Washington, and New Jersey. In 2010, GLAAD honored Cynthia with the Vito Russo Award, given to an LGBT figure in the media “who has made a significant difference in promoting equality for the LGBT community”.


Education Plan: #SchoolsNotJails

Fixing The Subway

Single-Payer Health Care

Reproductive Freedom

Universal Rent Control

A Fair Economy For All

Climate Justice

Justice For All

Legalizing Marijuana

Disability Rights

Immigrant Rights

Ending Corruption: Government by the People

Empowering Voters: A Democracy for All

Witch Status: True Witch

Zephyr Teachout

Running for Attorney General

She grew up in a small rural town with a Constitutional Law Professor father who had been active in the civil rights movement, and a mother who is now a state court judge. From an early age, she learned how to herd sheep, weed potatoes, be polite to people who she disagreed with, and never back down from a hard fight.

Her book on the history of anti-corruption laws in the United States, Corruption in America, is widely recognized as a groundbreaking analysis on the subject. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens cited her anti-corruption research in his dissent in Citizens United. She believes that corruption is at the root of many of the problems we face: underfunded schools, overpriced rents, high debt, inequality, unaffordable health care, abuse of workers, environmental devastation.

Zephyr Teachout is a law professor and is a constitutional law expert. Her priorities as Attorney General are:

1. Leading the legal resistance against the Trump assault on law

2. Cleaning house on Albany corruption

3. Battling financial fraud and corporate scams

4. Spearheading the moral argument against mass incarceration

Witch Status: Cauldron-stirrer


Jumaane Williams

Candidate for Lt. Governor of NY

NYC Council member Jumaane Williams is a lifelong Brooklynite, graduating from Brooklyn Tech High School and earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s from BrookCollege. Despite being diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and ADHD, he went on to serve on Community Board 18 and was executive director of the nonprofit New York State Tenants & Neighbors advancing statewide affordable housing policy before winning election to the NYC Council in 2009.

As a Council member, Jumaane has led efforts to curb police abuse, end the racist stop and frisk program, and provide thousands of summer jobs for youth. He was a co-founder of the Progressive Caucus of the NYC Council, which pushed through many historic programs like paid sick leave and early childhood education.

His platform:

•  Make healthcare more accessible to all

• Protect women’s rights and empower them to lead

• Make housing more affordable for all

• Protect the hard fought gains of immigrant, the formerly incarcerated, the LGBTQ communities

• Improve the quality of our education system

• Protect the environment from destruction and corporate takeover

• Protect the voting rights of all citizens

• Strengthen labor organizations in their fight for the work

• Protect our communities from gun violence

Witch Status: True Witch


Tom Dinapoli 

Candidate for NYS Comptroller

His career in public service started when he was elected as a trustee of the Mineola Board of Education, becoming the first 18 year old to hold public office in New York State. He served on the school board for ten years, including two terms as Board President.

In 1986, Tom was elected to the New York State Assembly representing the 16th district from Nassau County. During his ten terms in the Assembly, he was recognized as a leading voice on environmental, education and local fiscal issues. He was a long time member of the Assembly’s fiscal committee, the Ways and Means Committee. He also served as chair of a number of standing committees including, Ethics and Guidance, Consumer Affairs, Government Operations, Local Government and Environmental Conservation. 

Record of accomplishments:

  • Identified billions in waste, fraud and cost savings in government

  • Uncovered corruption in State and local governments that lead to arrests

  • Invested nearly $2billion in private equity and loan programs to benefit New York based businesses and provide a return to the state pension fund.

  • Earned a reputation as one of the leading shareholder voices on many corporate concerns including environmental usses and corporate political spending.

Witch Status: Muggle Ally


Tedra Cobb

Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in NY-21

A resourceful entrepreneur from an early age, Tedra started saving for college in middle school, working a paper route early mornings and babysitting on weekends. Her earnings, along with federal tuition assistance through TAP and PELL grants, made it possible for Tedra to get her Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Potsdam. That was over 30 years ago, when she fell in love with her husband Scott and the beautiful North Country. Together, they decided this would be the place to raise their family. They’ve lived in Canton ever since.


  • Building a thriving local economy

  • Tackling the opioid addiction problem

  • Enacting Healthcare solutions

  • Addressing gun violence

  • Educating Northern NY from cradle to to career

  • Protecting the environment

  • Advocating for fair and sensible immigration policies

Witch Status: Would Recognize a Book of Shadows


Dana Balter

Candidate for the US Hours of Representatives in NY-24

Dana Balter has been fighting for the underdog since childhood. Dana grew up with a brother with cognitive disabilities, and she learned from an early age the importance of advocating for equal treatment and access for every person. This desire for a fair and just society is what inspired Dana to study policy in order to make the systemic changes people in this county need to be happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Dana currently teaches courses in citizenship, policy, administration, and democracy at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Through her work, Dana teaches students about the complexities and responsibilities of living in a Democracy, but in the wake of the November election, the new administration threatens everything she teaches her students and she could not stand idly by. Dana has been involved in organizing efforts across her district to protect the communities most at risk of our current administration’s regressive policies.

  • Guaranteeing Healthcare

  • Medicare for all

  • Build a green economy

  • Pay a living wage

  • Provide Adequate mental health care and job training services in our prisons

  • Reinstate environmental protections

  • Move towards 100% renewable energy

  • Institute a carbon tax

  • Fully fund our public schools

  • Revitalize civics education

Witch Status: True Witch


Jessica Ramos

Candidate for NYS Senate from District 13

Jessica Ramos has spent her life fighting for working families, advocating for labor, and organizing her local community. Born in Elmhurst to an undocumented seamstress and a printing pressman, Jessica was raised in Astoria, attended Queens public schools, and now lives in Jackson Heights with her husband and two sons.

A strong union advocate, Ramos worked with Build Up NYC to fight for construction, building and hotel, and maintenance workers in New York City from 2014 to 2015. Ramos also worked with a local chapter of the Social Service Employees Union from 2008 to 2011 and a regional branch of the Service Employees International Union from 2011 to 2014, where she helped building maintenance workers, office cleaners and public schools cleaners win contracts that protected their rights, wages, and benefits.

  • Fix the MTA

  • Reform Rent Laws

  • Fund our Public Schools

  • Support Small Businesses

  • Immigrant Rights

  • Women’s Rights

  • Healthcare

Witch Status: Witch


Julie Goldberg

Candidate for NYS Senate in NY-38

Julie Goldberg is an educator, librarian, writer, and editor. Born in NJ, she attended Rutgers University, where she studied literature, music, and education. She taught high school English, then later became a public reference librarian and an educational media specialist. She holds Master’s degrees in Education, Literature, and in Library & Information Science. She and her husband Martin Springer have been married for 23 years. They moved with their two children to Chestnut Ridge in 2002, where Julie was a founding member of the Hungry Hollow Coalition. She is a board member and editor for River River, a community arts organization in Nyack, and a writer of fiction and essays. She believes that now more than ever, people must give their talents to serving their communities, and stand up and fight for justice.


  • Public Education for all

  • Election law reform

  • Expand use of renewable energy and promote innovation in green technology

  • Strong gun safety measures

  • Supports the NY Health Act

  • LGBTQIA Rights

  • Strong advocate for women and families

Witch Status: True Witch

Alessandra Biaggi

Candidate for NYS Senate in NY-34
From her site: “As State Senator, my priorities will be expanding voting rights, fully funding public schools, access to affordable childcare, healthcare, and eldercare, fighting domestic violence and gun violence, reforming campaign finance, reproductive justice, and making sure that every person in the district has a good, well-paying job. I'll also fight for functioning transit, affordable housing, criminal justice reform, workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, environmental sustainability, and protections against sexual abuse, assault, and harassment so that every human being has a safe working environment, regardless of what they do for a living.”
A woman’s right to choose
Fairness in housing laws
New York Health Act, Universal health care for all
Strengthening the NY SAFE Act
Full funding for our public schools

Cash bail for non-violent offenses
Influence of big money in politics

Witch Status: Witch

Cheryl Rafuse