Jay Gonzalez

Running for Governor of Massachusetts

We saw Jay at the Family Separation Protest in front of the State House. He made it clear he is for immigration reform and protecting our marginalized and immigrant communities. Through his work providing health insurance coverage for low-income residents, helping cities and towns build new schools and fire stations, and managing the state budget for Governor Deval Patrick during the Great Recession, Jay has always put people first.

Issues: Criminal Justice Reform, Early education for all, Putting opioid crisis first, Public transit, Reducing gun violence, Economy, Climate change, Women's rights, Campaign finance reform, healthcare for all

Witch Status: Witch

Quentin Palfrey

Running for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts

Quentin served as chief of the Healthcare Division in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. There, he played a key role in important policy decisions relating to implementation of Massachusetts’ landmark health reform law, spearheaded important consumer protection efforts, and oversaw multi-million dollar litigation and investigations against insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers. He also served as the Attorney General’s representative on the Council on Racial Disparities, the Board of Directors of the Betsy Lehman Center for the Prevention of Medical Errors, and the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Rehabilitation.
Most recently, Quentin served as Executive Director of J-PAL North America, the poverty lab at MIT that is dedicated to using rigorous research to fight poverty and inequality in North America. At J-PAL North America, Quentin led efforts to improve the efficacy of social programs in the areas of health care, education, housing, criminal justice reform, and economic mobility. Quentin stepped down as Executive Director of J-PAL North America in August 2017 to run for Lieutenant Governor.

Issues: Climate Change, Criminal justice reform, Universal healthcare, Automatic Voter Registration, Keeping big money out of politics.

Witch Status: Would Know a Book of Shadows if He Sat On It.


Maura Healey

Running for Attorney General

Maura vowed to lead an office guided by her core values and driven by the issues that matter to the people of the Commonwealth – from health care and energy costs to protecting consumers, ensuring equality for all and keeping our communities safer.

“As the people’s lawyer, the Attorney General is here to take on those tough challenges,” she said. “Fighting for opportunity across Massachusetts. Securing its promise for every resident. That is my commitment to you.”

She is the first openly gay Attorney General.

Witch Status: Witch


Jim McGovern

Running for MA Congress District 2

ALL ABOUT pro-choice. Always votes in favor of women's health and body autonomy.  Votes in favor of anti-discriminatory practices but doesn't always listen to the communities he's trying to protect. Might have a bit of a white-savior complex, but is trying to pass legislation that he truly believes will protect people. 

Witch Status: Muggle, but going for Muggle Ally


Ayanna Pressley

Running for MA Congress District 7

Running against Mike Capuano, a democrat who hasn't been challenged in 20 years. Honestly, Capuano seems like a good guy and they tend to agree on the progressive issues (except that he wants to reform ICE; she wants to abolish it entirely). Capuano may have 20 years of being District 7's representative for years, but it's not like Pressley is new to the game either. She was the first black woman to be appointed to Boston City Council, where she's served since 2009. She also worked for former congressman Joe Kennedy and Senator John Kerry, and is known as a rising star in Boston politics; the lady knows what she's doing. So yeah, Capuano has and would probably continue to do an okay job, but let's be real: Capuano is an older, white male. Pressley is a younger, black womxn. Who do we need to see more of? 

From her site:

I am running for Congress to continue the work I have dedicated my life to: eradicating poverty, building healthy communities, empowering women and girls, and ensuring that everyone regardless of where they are from or where they have been have the opportunity to fulfil their God-given potential. I do this work with community and have never forgotten who government is meant to serve — all of us.

Issues: Education for all, Building healthy communities, creating a sustainable economy, criminal justice reform, public safety, opportunity for all. 

Witch Status: True Witch


Christina Eckert

Running for MA Representative 2nd Essex District

Christina is a longtime Essex County resident, community activist and leader. Christina has spent the last 11 years devoting her time to education, philanthropy, and community building.  

When Christina sees a need in the community, she is eager to fill it. For the last 11 years, she has directed a program that provides healthy summer activity for over 450 children. She co-founded an educational foundation that has raised over $300,000 for STEAM education. She led the effort to grow a local charity to help over 10,000 low income children each year.

Christina is passionate about education, healthcare, and preserving our priceless environment. 

Witch Status: Muggle Ally

Allison Gustavson

Running for MA Representative 4th Essex District

Allison is fighting for reproductive rights, the environment, and our schools. She's working toward a future where we can really feel heard in our government. 

Witch Status: Muggle Ally


Tram Nguyen

Running for MA Representative 18th Essex District

A legal aid attorney who serves the most vulnerable people in Massachusetts, Tram T. Nguyen will apply the advocacy skills she practices for her clients to fight for the people of the Andover, North Andover, Tewksbury and Boxford and give them voice at the state house.

Tram believes in the importance of community and will work to ensure the district remains welcoming to new residents, as well as affordable for those who have long lived here. As state representative, Tram will fight for the funding and resources the district needs to address its social and economic challenges and help this community thrive. 

Witch Status: Muggle Ally



Question 2 is really important, witches. Right now corporations can spend as much money as they want on political campaigns and candidates without any government interference (Walmart, Bank of America, I'm lookin' at you). And we know that money is a huge influencer to politicians! We know that they get a buncha money from corporations and in exchange, they vote the way those corporations want them to. And uh, that arrangement has kinda sucked so far. So if you vote yes to question 2, you'll be voting to create a citizen commission to push a constitutional amendment to overturn that. Let's DO IT. 


Question 3 is a no brainer BUT the wording of the question makes it a little funky to know whether you should vote yes or no; Witches, vote YES! This question is basically saying "Right now you can't be discriminated against as far as public accommodations for being trans, wanna keep that?" Voting YES means YES I wanna KEEP that protection for trans folks. Voting NO would mean GET RID OF PROTECTIONS FOR TRANS FOLKS. VOTE YES PLEASE.  

Cheryl Rafuse