**Note: no black, Hispanic, Asian-American or openly gay candidate in Delaware has ever been elected U.S. senator, governor, attorney general, Senate president or House speaker….yet!

Kerri Evelyn Harris

Running for US SENATOR

Kerri is a U.S. Air Force veteran, advocate, and community organizer, who has dedicated her life to public service. She is one of the first two openly gay candidates running for statewide office in Delaware history, and comes from a diverse, multicultural family that instilled values of equality, opportunity, and respect for all people.  She lives in Kent County and has a daughter in Capital School District.  She’s currently the Program Director for Achievement Matters, leading a team working with youth to close the educational achievement gap. She teaches young people how to fight for social change through the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, and has also worked with the Center for Popular Democracy on solutions to the opioid crisis, healthcare, immigration, and taxes. She has the backing of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and endorsements from People for Bernie, Delaware United, Justice Democrats, CBD Action, Working Families Party, Demand Universal Health Care, Our Revolution, Democracy for America, and Progressive Democrats for Delaware.

Advocating for:

  • Medicare for All

  • Eliminating mass incarceration

  • A living wage (starting at $15 minimum)

  • Universal pre-K

  • Prevention of fracking and offshore drilling

  • Stronger bank regulations

  • Diplomacy before war

  • Ending the war on drugs.

Witch Status: Cauldron stirrer

Christopher Johnson


Christopher has spent his entire career as an attorney fighting voter suppression. He began his work in voter protection over a decade ago when he joined Obama for America’s Legal Protection Team, and has been working to increase voter turnout in every election since. He is a graduate of the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Law School at Widener University.   He lives on the west side of Wilmington with his wife, where he serve as Vice-Chair for the Wilmington Democratic Party, and also sits on the Executive Committee of the Delaware State Bar Association and the Board of Directors of the Delaware Center for Justice. Endorsed by Real Justice, MoveOn, Working Families Party, Shaun King, Delaware United, Progressive Democrats for Delaware, The Political Revolution


  • I will fight to end mass incarceration.

  • I will strive to reduce our high rate of recidivism.

  • I will not seek the death penalty in any instance.

  • I will establish fairer bail policies that effectively end cash bail.

  • I will stand up to the gun lobby.

  • I will treat urban gun violence as the public health crisis that it is.

  • I will continue to bring attention to the opioid epidemic- an issue that has been overlooked in communities of color for decades.

  • I will commit to ensuring environmental justice for our hardest hit coastal and leased land communities.

  • I will champion the rights of consumers and protect the assets that hardworking Delawareans have spent their careers earning.

  • I will stand up to the draconian policies coming from the desk of the President of the United States.

  • I will seek justice for those who our justice system leaves behind.

Witch Status: Knows his way around a Book of Shadows


Kathleen Davies


Kathleen Davies worked as the Chief Administrative Auditor in the Delaware Auditor’s Office for more than six years.  During her 25+ years as a public servant, she has dedicated her work to government auditing and investigations. She has produced many reports addressing transparency, inappropriate destruction of records, wasteful use of tax dollars, and fraudulent practices. Over her tenure, Kathleen delivered numerous process improvement recommendations, recommendations for costs savings, and reports detailing misuse of taxpayer funds. She and her husband Jerry live in Dover.  Jerry is retired from the Air Force and is President of AFGE Union Local 1709. They have three children and four grandchildren. Endorsed by Blue Democrats, Progressive Democ for Delaware.


  • Uncovered the inappropriate use of school funds at the Delaware Military Academy, Academy of Dover, Family Foundation and Providence Creek Charter Schools.  This caused other Charter Schools to review and improve their process to avoid the same problems.

  • Identified performance audit recommendations of entitlement programs which ensured funds were spent on those needing the funds with the goal of implementing a one-stop process for administering the various entitlement programs.        

  • Discovered more than $194 thousand in personal transactions made by a former Treasurer of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.

Witch Status: Muggle Ally

Tizzy Lockman


Tizzy is a community leader and long-time outspoken advocate for education reform, first through her local Parent Teacher Association, and then as a member of the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee.  She was raised in the Cool Spring neighborhood on Wilmington’s West Side, and went on to earn a degree in film and linguistics from NYU, master’s in urban affairs and public policy from UD, and a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware in 2015, writing her master’s thesis on the legacy and promise of school choice legislation in Delaware. Tizzy continues to fight for reforming public education, and leads a grassroots organizing effort to develop community leadership on this issue as the director of the Parent Advisory Council on Education (PACE) initiative at the Christina Cultural Arts Center. Endorsements: Blue Democrats, Progressive Democrats for Delaware


  • Education: supports policies that ensure every student, particularly those with the highest need; Funding the arts and arts education

  • Public safety: believes we must address the root causes of crime, rather than try to incarcerate our way out of the problem

  • Affordable housing and addressing the problem of vacant properties

  • Healthcare as a basic human right

  • Job training

  • Living Wage

  • Making voting as accessible and convenient as possible; Agency accountability and transparency

  • A progressive tax code that protects the working and middle classes

Witch Status: True Witch


Sherry Dorsey Walker


Sherry was born and raised in the 6th District. She earned a Masters in Film Productions from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware in English/Journalism. In 2001, she established SWAP Productions LLC, an independent film production company. SWAP is an acronym for Sisters With A Purpose. She humbly believes that her purpose in life is to educate, entertain and enlighten through her films, while working to change the landscape of the political scene in Delaware. For this reason, she conceptualized “Justice For All: The Documentary,” which addresses the ill-treatment of youth in the juvenile justice system in America and overseas. She recently completed a documentary entitled SOS 2 (Sharing Our Stories, Saving Our Sisters), a study of how women of color in Sussex County are dying at alarming rates from breast cancer due to inadequate health care. She is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Kind to Kids, a board member of the ACLU of Delaware, Biden Breast Health Initiative and Public Allies of Delaware. Additionally,a member of Delaware Independent Filmmakers and the Peace with Justice Task Force.  Endorsed by Progressive Democrats of Delaware.


  • Environmental Justice: advocate for green jobs, protect lowest income communities from pollution, ensuring everyone has clean water, advocate for safer transportation models

  • Criminal Justice Reform: dismantle the school to Prison Pipeline, support re-entry programs, reduce pre-trial detention

  • Job Creation: support cost of living increase, support apprenticeship programs, provide employable skill Training, expand youth employment programs statewide, enforce local hiring dismantle the school to Prison Pipeline, support re-entry programs, reduce pre-trial detention

  • Education: Support families & school in education our children, expand restorative justice in school, increase scholarships for students who want to go to college in-state, support partnerships between high school students and colleges to earn credits

Witch Status: True Witch


Ajawavi J Ajavon


Ms. Ajawavi J. Ajavon (Aja), as her family and friends commonly call her, is an activist who was born in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa and came to the United States at the age of 10.  She’s a single mother of three beautiful children, and currently teaches MEDIATION SKILLS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION at Wilmington University in the College of Social and Behavioral Science and is a volunteer mediator at Delaware Center for Justice She worked for Delaware Family Court as mediation and arbitration officer and for New Jersey Superior Court Family Division as a hearing officer and mediator. She has been awarded the Business Women Perseverance and honored as a leading businesswoman of the year by the Women’s Business Center in Delaware. She also received a proclamation from the New Castle County Executive Office for Outstanding Business and Outstanding Community Activist. Endorsement: Progressive Democrats for Delaware.


  • Seniors: advocate to fight for ways to improve senior’s health care coverage, prescription coverage and provide them with a means to access affordable housing.

  • Small businesses: increase access to small business loans and need-based grants that allow small businesses Lower taxes and offer tax credits for small business and increase taxes on corporations to help generate revenue for the state.

  • Youth: help raise funding to build safe and stable environments for young adults to turn to for assistance or resources to help them positively utilize their free time. Partner with the Police Athletic League and the County, so we can build a multi-use recreational center that will provide an outlet for youth.

Witch Status: Witch


Larry Lambert


The 7th District has always been Larry’s home. He’s a community leader and a proud lifelong resident of Claymont. His record of service has been recognized by Senator Joe Biden in front of the US Congress, on the Oprah Winfrey show, and in a News Journal feature detailing his volunteer work in the 7th District.  He served as a Sunday School teacher for 4 years (Concord Baptist Church), an art teacher for 8 years (Claymont Boys & Girls Club), and now has been employed in corporate banking for the last 9 years. Larry has actively worked to build bridges between Delaware’s corporate and nonprofit sectors and to bring resources into the communities such as hot meals, books, mentors, murals, jobs, financial literacy workshops, and an environmental justice conference. Endorsed by Progressive Democrats of Delaware.


  • Increasing the Living Wage

  • Providing equal access to quality education

  • Pay Equity for Women

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Combating the opioid crisis

  • Environmental Justice

Witch Status: True Witch


Monique Johns


Monique is running under the tagline: “A heart for the people.” She worked for Governor John Carney and later transferred to The State of Delaware Department of Labor working in multiple areas, such as: statewide trainer, workers compensations, employment in training, and communications. As a young woman she won crowned Miss Hockessin, Miss New Castle, and Miss Newark in the Miss America Delaware pageant and she spent a lot of time volunteering at Planned Parenthood. Being sexually abused as a young girl has created a sensitivity and passion for helping people who struggle with insecurities and lack of confidence that come from dramatic life events. Her organization L.O.W (Living Outside the Walls) was created to provide the necessary life skills training for these women to become productive members of our society. Along with her husband, she’s spent the past 15 years serving their community, providing leadership training, marriage empowering workshops, Dream Leadership Institute and Delaware Theological University. She’s endorsed by Progressive Democrats for Delaware.


  • Education: increasing funding for children with special needs, increased pay for our teachers and smaller class sizes

  • Jobs: working to establish more job training and placement services

  • Women’s equality: ending workplace harassment and discrimination and ensure that women are treated fairly

  • Mental health: providing access to affordable mental health services to all citizens who need it

  • Farm preservation: ensure that farmers can pass down farmland

Witch Status: Muggle Ally

Rachel Blumenfield


(Progressive Democrats for Delaware)

Rachel started as an educator in 2012 and is currently a public school special education teacher at Gunning Bedford Middle School. I have taught at Delaware County Community College, The Delaware Met, Kirk Middle School, and McCullough Middle School. She began her career as a public interest attorney, and first as a law clerk at the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, where she worked on cases ranging from murder to juvenile offenses, as well as civil cases against Delaware agencies. She also worked as a law clerk and domestic violence victims’ advocate at the Women Against Abuse Legal Center


  • Education: implementing a maximum student-teacher ratio in a class, allocating extra funds for schools to adequately support low-income students and English language learners, and training educators in trauma-informed practices

  • Economy: cutting the red tape of excessive regulations on small businesses, while making sure that big corporations don’t exploit loopholes.

  • Public safety: minimizing the collateral consequences of being convicted of a crime so that those in the criminal justice system can become productive citizens and we can reduce recidivism rates.

  • Gun control: implementing stricter gun control laws such as an assault weapons ban and prohibiting gun ownership for those with a domestic violence conviction

  • Environment: increase our renewable energy goal from 25% by 2025 to at least 50% by 2030, which will create more green jobs to bolster Delaware’s economy.

Witch Status: Witch

Guillermina Gonzalez


Guillermina is an immigrant from Mexico who started in a corporate career in the U.S. at Exxon Mobile. After leaving ExxonMobil and moving to Delaware, she was given the opportunity to lead Voices Without Borders, a Delaware nonprofit organization that worked to improve the status of Hispanics statewide, calling for social or institutional changes. She was then appointed the founding executive director of the non-profit Delaware Arts Alliance. Over her 8 year tenure, Delaware ranked third in the nation for per capita state arts funding. She’s the only candidate in this race recognized by Moms Demand Action as a Gun Sense Candidate, and is endorsed by Blue Democrats.


  • Water quality: supports the removal of the toxic chemicals in Hockessin's ground water and oppose offshore drilling

  • Sensible Gun Legislation: supports stronger gun safety laws like HB 375 and SB 163 which ban high capacity magazines and assault weapons

  • Gender equality & LGBTQ rights: supports legislation that delivers equality for all no matter their gender, race, class, religion, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and disability.

  • Criminal justice reform: believes we need bail reform and to end civil asset forfeiture to end the cycle of further discriminating against economically disadvantaged communities. Supports

  • Police oversight: supports the use of body cameras for police officers to help increase transparency and accountability.

  • Marijuana: believes we should legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana to improve safety and increase revenue while combating crime and closing black markets.

  • Oipiod Epidemic: believes we should hold drug companies accountable for their role in this crisis, just as tobacco companies were made to pay for withholding information from the public.

Witch Status: True Witch


Sean Lynn


A Dover native with strong ties to the community, Sean graduated from Dover High School and continues to reside in Dover. Sean was a Public School Teacher in the Bronx, New York, for several years after graduating college, where he served in an economically depressed school. Today, he serves as pro bono Counsel for several local children through volunteer work he does through the Office of the Child Advocate. Sean believes our Constitutional freedoms and protections belong to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, and promises to continue to ensure the just and equitable application of Delaware Law to all of its citizens. He’s been a progressive representative for his Dover district, a courageous voice for the moral opposition to the death penalty. Endorsements:  Blue Democrats and Progressive Democrats for Delaware.

Legislative accomplishments:

  • HB366 - Mandated the safe storage of firearms to preclude firearms from being illegally acquired by minors and those unauthorized to possess firearms (mentally ill or felons)

  • HB7 (149th General Assembly) - Raises the age at which a minors name and mug shot can be disseminated by law enforcement to the media Given the lasting collateral consequences for a juvenile on employment and educational opportunities

  • HB 220 - Enables the prosecution of animal fighting under Delaware’s Racketeering and Organized Crime (“RICO”) statute. Thus, broadening the definition of “racketeering” to include animal fighting and enabling the Delaware Department of Justice’s ability to prosecute those who abuse animals

  • HB126 - Allows families to continue to receive child care assistance for at least 90 days after losing their job provided they are actively seeking employment. Part of the “Fair Shot Agenda” for middle class Delawareans

  • HB7 (148th General Assembly) - Expands the list of domestic violence felonies to include strangulation. This bill revokes bail from perpetrators of this act, keeping them off the streets.

  • HB95 - Illegalized trade in elephant and rhinoceros ivory

Witch Status: Muggle Ally


Jordyn Pusey


Jordyn Pusey is a Democrat, civic leader, and good government advocate who resides in the community of Roselle with her husband and two children, and works as a sales consultant for her family business, Security Instrument Corp. As President of her neighborhood civic association since 2009, and as the President of the Civic League for NCC since 2016, Jordyn shows competence and an in-depth knowledge on all facets of County Government, and community organizing. She has used her knowledge and organizing skills to assist others in understanding the Unified Development Code and using their voices to protect their quality of life.  Her tagline: “Ethics. Transparency. Inclusion.”


Economic Development
Investment In Critical Infrastructure
Smart Growth and Responsible Planning
Ethical Government that Values Transparency and Inclusive Policies.
Protecting Open Space and Green Space
Improving Our Parks and Libraries
Affordable Housing
Cleaning up Blighted and Vacant Properties
Redevelopment of Underutilized Parcels
Strengthening Civic Organizations and Volunteer Fire Companies

Witch status: Muggle Ally




Cheryl Rafuse