Alyse Galvin
Seeking Democratic nomination for Congress in Alaska's At-large District

In 2014, frustrated by years of public school underfunding and facing renewed threats, Alyse joined a small group of parents to resist new budget cuts. From that small beginning, Great Alaska Schools grew into a grassroots force of thousands across Alaska, forcing lawmakers and governors to take their demands seriously, restore funding, and act to improve public education. Alyse has been a leader of the Great Alaska Schools movement, serving as a passionate advocate for quality public education for every child in Alaska.

"I am not a politician, and never expected to be one. But I am frustrated by the lack of solutions coming out of Washington, by the constant partisan bickering and backbiting, and I know that I can do it better. I will bring to the job an open heart, an open mind, and the Alaska values of community and working together to get things done. I will work with all sides, build coalitions, and pass inclusive legislation, fighting for all Alaskan families." 

Supports: school funding, affordable healthcare, and is a HUGE supporter of the LGBTQA+ community. She is running for the democratic party, but is an independent.

Witch Status: Muggle Ally


Mark Begich
Running for Governor of Alaska

Mark has shown in the past he will protect Alaska's assets including environmental concerns, gmo salmon, Native Alaskan rights, PFD, funding for the school system, and keep big corporations in check. He is pro-choice, pro-LGBTQA+, and is for protecting the right of Alaskans' use of legal cannabis. 

Witch Status: Witch

Cheryl Rafuse