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Vote, witch. Salem preliminary 9/17!


For decades, witches have been moving slowly out of the shadows and spreading good magic across the planet. In 2016, we were poised to claim our power in a new way. Sensing their time was at an end, the forces of capitalism, patriarchal greed and white supremacy united for one last gasp, producing our present circumstances — Nazis in the streets, our earth in peril, and an actual rapist in the White House. It's not great out there these days. But in 2018, we will fight for the change we deserve to see. In 2018, we will support progressive candidates, advocate for justice, and, most importantly, vote, witch. More questions? Peep the FAQ.


Register To Vote.
Now tho. 

Don't let conservative news outlets (and your conservative uncle) claim that you and your generation are to blame YET AGAIN for something that Baby Boomers almost DEFINITELY did. It's easy:

1. Register to vote. See your deadline here!

2. Research candidates and questions.

3. Show up to the polls, OR make sure to get your absentee ballot in on time. 

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Get tote-ally amped for 2020


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"Vote if you care about human rights."

— Literally every sane person in this country

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What is my state's registration Deadline?

Because our government is totally backwards, every state has a different registration deadline. If you're curious about yours CLICK HERE

Want to just be safe and enroll early. Just make sure you're enrolled by 10/5 and no matter what state you're in you're G O L D E N.